We have volunteer roles to fit all types of personalities, interests, time commitments, and experience levels. If you have a talent that you don't see listed here, but would like to help out anyway, get in touch, we can use you. You too can become a part of this trail community. Join OORC today and be sure to check the calendar regularly for our next scheduled event.

To get involved today fill out a Volunteer Application or just reach out and contact us.


Volunteer Role


Trail Builder
Trail building is a fun way to leave a sliver of trail that you'll take pride in every time you ride. With an experienced Build Coordinator at your side, no experience is necessary. Bring your bike, some sunscreen, hydration and snack or lunch, work gloves and work shoes. Tools will be provided unless specified. See our calendar or newsletter for upcoming Trail Build Days.
Trail Builder
Trail building with the OORC is a fun way to leave a sliver of trail that you'll take pride in every time you ride. With experienced Trail Builders by your side, no experience is necessary. Bring your bike, hydration, a small snack or lunch, work gloves and sturdy shoes. Tools will be provided. See our calendar for more details on upcoming trail build workdays.
Trail Maintainer
Trail maintenance is the best way to show your trails some real love. Join the OORC at scheduled trail maintenance day events and be prepared to clear the trails from downed trees, weed eat, rake, and trim branches. Check the calendar or join the club to get emails for upcoming scheduled trail maintenance events.
Trail GPS Mapper
Really know your way around the trails? Have an interest in mapping/GPS and geography? Contact us or come to a monthly member meeting and learn how you can join in on local/national mapping initiatives. Help us map trails and keep them current as new trails in the area are being finished.
Trail Liaison/Adopter
Do you have pride in a certain trail you ride regularly and like to call home?  Adopt a trail and become your trails very own Trail Liason. All you have to do is ride your designated trail from time to time and correspond with us on it's status or when the trail needs maintenance and where. Then when a trail maintenace day is scheduled for your trail, come out and welcome the group and help make new volunteers feel right at home. Provide an extra hand by handing a thirsty volunteer a spare bottle of water, or provide some extra snacks or even music. 
Event Parking Attendant
From time to time the OORC will have gatherings and events that require the help of individuals that posses superior organizational skills and whom also have the super power to be able to direct vehicles into designated spaces all by the point of their finger. In other words if you are a person that enjoys telling people where to safely and carefully park their cars this is just  volunteer opportunity for you!
Event Transport/Shuttle
On random occasion individuals with vehicles are needed that would be willing to provide rides in the case a volunteer needs to carpool to or from an event. Or also be willing to shuttle at events riders or volunteers that are in need of trail assistance such as in the case of picking someone up and droping them back at an event trailhead or designated aid station. 
Event Registration
The backbone of mostly any event anywhere is event registration. This volunteer position takes someone fast paced with a smiling face and an eye for detail. Individuals that can be clear with communication and giving directions as well as good math skills throughout the registration process from start to finish would be good candidates for this volunteer opportunity. 

Event Ride Guides

Through out the year OORC has an assortment of different social or event rides. From members only rides, beginner rides, women's rides and kids rides or even "hold on to your helmet 'cause we're booking it!" rides.  Each of these rides needs people to lead riders into the trails, and more importantly, smiling faces who sweep the back of the group, and make new riders feel welcome. Fill out your volunteer application and sign up to volunteer as an event ride guide for a scheduled OORC event in the near future.
Event Food & Beverage Planning & Prep
Do you like to make food for starving, sweat-laden, tool-wielding mountain bikers? Whether you forte is baking cookies or whipping up a casserole that can feed an army, we can use your skills. Sign up and help either man the grill, prep or serve food or even simply just keep drinks cold and stocked at event meals or gatherings.
 Event Set-Up & Clean-Up
Volunteers in this position assist the Event Coordinator by helping with the set up of tents, tables, chairs, and banners. Then when events are over assisting with the break down and clean up of the event area with the goal of leaving it without a trace that we were even there in the first place.   
Event Booth Crew
At each of OORC's events we need a few people to man our booths -- like greeting new members, informing them of current events or club news, taking membership renewals or donations and selling merchandise. This is a great way to help out the club at events all while having a good time and meeting like minded folks in the area.
Event First Aid & Safety
Are you CPR and First Aid certified? Do you work in the field of medicine? Are you willling to be available to volunteer at events in aid stations and make judgements in the safety of riders? Then we have just the spot for you. Let us know of your certified capabilities by filling out a volunteer application or reaching out at a meeting so we can utilize you properly at future events in the case that a rider needs help or assistance on the trail.
Event Sound
Do you dabble with the industry of sound and music? Got the hook up on equipment we might be able to use at events to make announcements or hand out awards? If so, it would be appreciated more than you can imagine. Maybe you could even DJ some music or be a designated event announcer... Just let us know.
 Event Communications
This position is the responsible party for making sure event communication devices are properly charged and ready before and back ups available during the day of events. This volunteer also ensures that radios are distributed to the proper individuals and returned at the end of the day.
Extra Hand
We are always on the look out for bright individuals who every once in a while are available to do small tasks -- like run errands, help with distribution of event flyers to local bike shops and other OORC supporting locations, pick up or drop off supplies, relay services for an event when short handed. Really a great way to help out if you can only help every so often or have an unpredictable schedule and still want to help out any way you can. 
Media/ Newsletter/ Blog
Do you have good vibes and creative writing skills? Does the thought of writing about the trails and mountain biking in the Arkansas Ozarks seem appealing? Maybe you have a natural knack at helping others keep in the know? We are looking for volunteers just like you who would be willing to contribute to spreading the trail love by way of writing articles for our newsletter or blog. 
If you have a good eye and like capturing the passion of trail work or the fun of an OORC event you can be a big help by lending us your skills. Take pictures or video at OORC gatherings and share with us your best shots. You can upload them to an OORC photo gallery or you can also tag us when sharing them via social media. 
Graphic Designer
Want to wear some cool OORC swag and know you had hand in helping out with it? We could use folks with a creative eye to help design event posters, shirts, socks, stickers, you name it! 
Committee Leaders for Events and Trail Projects
Help make our work days and events as fun as they are productive by being a part of coming up with creative ways to put a smile on volunteers' dusty faces and helping keep the trails in motion. Let us know your level of commitment to the OORC and become a leader in your trail community.


*** Currently the club is in the process of fully integrating the clubs volunteer resources with IMBA.

Discounts for Volunteers

Currently the Ozark Off Road Cyclists offers a variety of incentives for its hard working volunteers.  

As OORC's own personal way of saying thank you to its volunteers and to show our appreciation for their time put forth toward local trail efforts, our volunteers can earn what we like to call Dirt Dollars. For every hour worked volunteering with the OORC, volunteers can earn the equivalent of one Dirt Dollar that is good toward the purchase of cool mountain bike gear and other trail goods. To log your volunteer hours simply log-in to the site and fill out the the available form to Log Volunteer Hours under the How to Help tab in the Volunteer section. When you have enough hours accumulated reach out to us and we'll have a designated member contact you to verify and approve your hours before you make your purchase. 

Upon the Ozark Off Road Cyclists joining forces with IMBA we are excited to also have the opportunity to provide our volunteers with additional discounts and incentives through IMBA's Teaming for Trails program. Our OORC/IMBA partners also offer deals and discounts for all types of volunteer work that supports our local chapter whether trail maintenance, helping at events, fundraising, and other local mountain bike advocacy work.

By accumulating 20 hours of volunteer work you gain access to ProMotive for 30 days. ProMotive is an online marketplace where over 100 outdoor manufacturers make their products available at significant discounts to pros and individuals who play key roles in their communities. Dirtbaggies cards are also available to volunteers who have completed volunteer work building and or maintaining trails for deals on mountain bike shorts and bibs. An OORC board member will provide you with a ProMotive.com card and a Dirtbaggies card once you have completed the required volunteer hours.

Have a promotive.com code? Redeem it now.  (This page requires you to login to your IMBA.com account.) 

Have a Dirtbaggies card? Redeem your Dirtbaggies code here

For more detail on how to get involved and be part of our volunteer efforts you can contact us directly or become an OORC member and join the OORC today. For more information on individual events and volunteer oppotunities check the calendar for future events or our Get Involved page (currently under construction) for more details of what to expect.

If you are a corporate sponsor or other local business that has interest in offering our OORC volunteers with additional incentives and discounts please contact us




For more information on how to join the River Valley OORC please feel free to contact your branch representatives below by email at , or reach out to the OORC directly and click here.

Doug Housley - RVOORC Branch Chair

Jeff Davis - Trails Coordinator

Marcus Broussard - Secretary

You can also check out what the crew down in the River Valley have going on by joining their Facebook Group page here:https://www.facebook.com/groups/RiverValleyOORC/

***Check back soon as we will have more information in the near future!***

Is your mountain bike club or organization interested in becoming a branch of the Ozark Off Road Cyclists?

Contact us  for further details on how you and your group can become part of the OORC initiative.

For more information on how to join the Carroll County OORC please feel free to contact your branch representatives below by email at , or reach out to the OORC directly and click here.

Nathan Griffee - Branch Chair

Denton West - Events/Rides Coordinator

Crystal Rust - Secretary

You can also check out what the crew in Carroll County have going on by joining their Facebook Group page here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1564706410460761/

Carroll County OORC Branch event info:

Meetings will be on the second Wednesday of each month at 630 at Sparky's until further notice. Weekly rides will be Thursdays at 530 from Adventure Mountain Outfitters. Monthly rides will follow trail maintenance. The last Sunday of each month will also have a ride before and/ or after the Pints and Pedals function at Brews which is from 5-8pm

Monthly trail maintenance day will be the first Sunday at 9am. Additional trail maintenance days are scheduled for April 26May 3, and May 17 at 9am due to flood damage to Leatherwood and the necessity to finish Spring Garden Trail before June 6.  This is also an effort to have Leatherwood in the best shape possible before the xterra triathlon May 30 and 31.

Will Wall of Ozark Mountain Ziplines offered a free zipline ride to any member who does 15 hour of trail work on Carroll County projects between now and October.

Board Members

Learn more about the devoted members who work to improve the OORC's operations.

Chuck Maxwell - President

Chuck Maxwell - PresidentChuck grew up in Austin, TX terrorizing the Barton Hills neighborhood on his BMX, and then graduated to a 5 speed cruiser for High School commuting. He bought his first Mountain Bike in 1988, a Specialized Rockhopper. With the Barton Hills Green Belt trails ¼ of mile from his house, he began his enthusiasm for Mountain Biking and trail development. Chuck moved to Fayetteville, AR in January of 1996 and joined the OORC in 1999, continuing his enjoyment of connecting with the Earth. He was elected to Trails Coordinator in January 2012 and since has become a more active member of the club.


Brannon Pack - Executive Director

Brannon Pack - Executive DirectorBorn and raised in the hills of Northwest Arkansas Brannon spent most of his youth on two-wheels. After wrapping up his collegiate career and receiving a degree in graphic design, Brannon relocated to Texas where he spent a decade in the bar and beer industry developing his event coordinating skills. Brannon moved back "home" in 2010 to be closer to family and provide his children with the quality of life that only growing up in the hills of Arkansas can offer. He immediately took advantage of the plethora of trail riding available in the Arkansas Ozarks and with his childhood passion for riding rekindled, joined the OORC in 2014 for the opportunity to make a difference in the community.

Brannon was recognized as a Volunteer of the Year by the OORC for his efforts in 2014 and would be quoted saying "I was part of a team that through blood and sweat, laid down trail that will be enjoyed by my children's children and long after I'm gone. Pretty cool.". 


HB Fink - Secretary

HB Fink - SecretaryH.B. Fink is a native to Arkansas. Born in Little Rock and raised in Fort Smith, he has called Fayetteville home for the past twenty years. One of the things that keeps him rooted to the area are the great trails! Like Chuck, H.B. got his start in '88 with a Specialized Rockhopper when a friend suggested he buy a mountain bike. He's made lotsof good memories over that time primarily riding in Arkansas and surrounding states but also venturing to places like Moab. Although he's been biking for a long time, he's new to OORC (he was a member for a very short time in the 90's). He decided it was time to give back to the mountain biking community in NWA and make some new memories!


Noel Howard - Treasurer

Noel Howard - TreasurerA native to the Arkansas Ozarks, Noel has always been an outdoorsman. As a child, he spent most days exploring the hills on his bike. After being off his bike for many years, he found a desire for a healthy lifestyle. In doing so, he was encouraged to pick up a bike once again. Jumping back on a bike was easy and brought new exciting challenges. He began on the greenway, riding with family and friends, but quickly found his passion when introduced to mountain biking. The thrill of the single track made him feel alive, and he quickly developed his love for MTB trails! With an eagerness to better his skills, Noel joined as many group rides as time allowed. During the course of these rides, he made new friends and learned the importance of what the OORC stands for and supplies for the preservation of the trails.

Noel has been a proud member of the OORC for 3 years now, and is honored to sit on the board. He truly enjoys creating opportunities for all riders to be a part of a unique community. From beginners to advanced riders…no one is left behind. Noel is an OORC advocate, volunteering to help educate others and maintain the MTB trails he so proudly calls home.


Anya Bruhin - Event Coordinator

Anya Bruhin - Event CoordinatorAnya Bruhin is Event Coordinator for OORC. She is also the Program Manager for Washington County with BikeNWA and NICA Head Coach at Pea Ridge High School and Coach Supporter for the Arkansas Interscholastic Cycling League. Anya is a BICP Level 2 certified instructor and has a passion for sharing mountain biking with women. She had her first major bike accident at 8 attempting to ride down “the big hill” on her family farm without the use of brakes. 30 years later she has learned that some brake is better. Anya loves riding for the amazing adventures and memories she gets to share with new friends. Anya loves trying new things, dogs, coffee, and Star Wars and hates being bored, cats, cold without snow, and fluorescent lighting.


Vincent Edwards - Ride Coordinator

Vincent Edwards - Ride CoordinatorVincent is a recent transplant from Southern Indiana, where he discovered a love for cycling back in 2008. As a part time bike mechanic, he started leading rides back in 2014, and got involved with trail building at around the same time. Moving to Fayetteville has provided an opportunity to take both riding and involvement to the next level. He has fallen in love with the beautiful Ozark landscape, and the rough technical trails the wind through it. When he’s not on the bike, Vincent is busy running a Digital Fabrication lab for the University of Arkansas Art department, playing piano, or designing and building custom furniture.


Ozark Off Road Cyclists

The Ozark Off Road Cyclists is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to creating and maintaining sustainable soft surface trails in the Arkansas Ozarks, giving greater opportunities for mountain bikers and outdoor enthusiasts to live healthy active lives.  Established in 1997, the OORC has been working with local, state, and federal agencies to preserve the natural environment for recreational experience.  The OORC regularly partners with a variety of user groups, land managers, and businesses to support and run numerous outdoor recreation events including educational training in sustainable trail building, group rides, races, and trail work days. The Club is a proud Chapter Member of The International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA).


OORC has been instrumental in developing and building trails at Lake Fayetteville City Park, Mt. Sequoyah, Kessler Mountain Regional Park, Lake Leatherwood Park in Eureka Springs, Devil's Den State Park, Hobbs State Park, Lake Weddington, The Buffalo HeadwatersTrail System, Lincoln Lake and numerous other projects that are in the development stage. The OORC continues to be committed to developing safe sustainable trails to support fitness and enjoyment for people of all ages in our community - and we want you to join us in that successful endeavor. 


  • 2014 -Accomplished preserving Mt. Kessler by partnering with Mt. Kessler Greenways and Fayetteville Natural Heritage Association bringing awareness to the community about unmatched beauty and need to preserve Kessler mountain.
  • 2013 - Awarded grant by the Walton Family Foundation to build and enhance 30 miles of trail at the Buffalo Headwaters
  • 2012 - Awarded Volunteer Club of the Year by City of Fayetteville for completeing the Lake Fayetteville Trails system enhancement
  • 2011 - Awarded Volunteer Club of the Year by the Arkansas Recreation and Parks Association for rehabilitating Lake Fayetteville Trail

The U.S. Internal Revenue Service recognizes the OORC as a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

OORC's tax identification number is 73-1574424.

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