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Festival Pass - Early Enrollment (NOV - JAN) (40.00 $)
Individual entry to The Buffalo Headwaters Challenge, the three-day all-inclusive off the grid mountain bike festival. Please purchase one Festival Pass for each attendee and/or family member 13 years and older.
Friends of the OORC (50.00 $)
If you are already a member of IMBA or another IMBA chapter (not the OORC) and do not wish to purchase a second IMBA membership, you must purchase a Friends of the OORC temporary membership in order to purchase a Festival Pass. One Friends of the OORC membership is good for you and immediate family (only), but each participant 13 years & older will need their own Festival Pass. You can save $11 by joining the OORC (How To Help, Become a Member in the header above this) instead of purchasing the Friends of the OORC temporary membership.
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