The Ozark Off-Road Cyclists are Shaping the Future of Mountain Biking in Northwest Arkansas

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THE "OZARK OFF- ROAD CYCLISTS" -- ARE SHAPING THE FUTURE OF MOUNTAIN BIKING INNORTHWEST ARKANSAS. STARTING WITH THIS LATEST PROJECT. OUR FIRST LOOK- NEWTONIGHT.(Brannon Pack, OORC Executive Director) "it doesn't matter if you're twoyears old, or you're 62, there'sgonna be something at Gregory Park for you to come out andplay on and get better on yourbike."SO FAR VOLUNTEERS HAVE SPENTMORE THAN 800 HOURS BUILDINGTHIS TRAIL IN AN EFFORT TO EXPAND THE MOUNTAINBIKINGSCENE IN FAYETTEVILLE. BRANNONPACK IS THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTORWITH THE OZARK OFF-ROAD CYCLISTS, AND HE SAYS THIS PARK WILL COVERMULTIPLE EXPERIENCE LEVELS FORBIKERSOF ALL AGES.(Brannon) "We're starting with a true multi-use loop on the perimeter of the property, but then downthe inside of the park will becycling-optimized flowlines, beginner and intermediate skill what you really start to create here at gregorypark is a trail system that's conducive to people getting better on their bikes,all in one spot, rightin the middle of fayetteville." MASON JEWELL IS A SOPHOMORE ATTHUNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AND SAYS HIS FIRST TIME OUT BUILDING THE TRAIL WAS WORTH IT FOR THECHANCE TO GIVEFUTURE GENERATIONS A PLACE TO RIDE.. (Mason Jewell, First-timevolunteer)"I'm happy for people thataren't even born yet to go walk on or bike on something that Ihelped make." (Brannon) "this trail they're buildingtoday, their kids' kids are gonna be out here recreating on this someday. So it is really a lasting impression that the volunteers are making." THE NEXT VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITYIS ON MARCH 18TH AT LAKE LINCOLNIF YOU'RE INTERESTED.