Lincoln Lake Trail

Land Manager: City of Lincoln

Mountain Bike Difficulty Rating Going Clockwise From Parking Lot:

Rating is one star (*) easy to five stars (*****) very difficult.

  • Piney Loop to the dam **
  • Spill Way Loop *
  • Piney Loop **
  • Lake Loop *****
  • Lower Eagle View Loop *****
  • Upper Eagle View Loop ****
  • Upper section of Eagle View Loop to service road ***
  • Service road back to parking lot *

Total Mileage:  7.25 miles

 Hand-drawn Trail Map used in the info below  |  Additional Map

4 miles if you go out and back

To access the trail head go back out to the road, turn right, and cross the bridge.  The trail head is on the right. This trail is rated intermediate for mountain bikes and easy for hikers. The trail follows the lake north and goes by many great rock formations. You will cross the dam where you will get a wide view of the lake and find a good place to spot eagles. From the dam, the trail enters the woods, turns left from the lake loop and climbs up into a great pine forest. From there the trail loops around back to the main trail for the return trip.

4 miles if you go out and back

This trail continues across the dam and crosses the spillway where it enters the woods following a beautiful bluff line. From the bluff line the trail winds through a hardwood and cedar forest where it joins the main trail near Piney Loop.

4.25 mile loop around lake

This trail connects the Piney Loop and the Eagle View loops and continues all the way around the lake. The trail can be accessed from the back of either Piney or Eagle View loops. This trail is rated difficult for hikers and difficult for mountain bikes. This trail offers access to very large rock formations--popular with rock climbers--and remote wooded areas. Moore’s Creek will have to be crossed and can be a wet crossing depending on the season.

4 mile out and back with three loops

The trail head starts just behind a sign. Start up the hill and follow the markers. This trail is rated intermediate to strenuous for mountain bikers and easy for hikers. Eagle View trail follows an old service road out to Lake View Overlook. From there it heads into the woods and climbs to the Eagle View Overlook. Watch your children, as the bluff is fifty feet tall. This is also a great place to spot eagles. To the left of the overlook is the upper loop and to the right is the lower loop. The lower loop has some of the best scenery in the park as it passes under towering bluffs and beautiful rock formations. The lower loop is recommended for experienced mountain bikers as it has some very technical sections. Both loops head back to the main trail for the trip back.

The OORC would like to extend a hearty Thank You! to David Justice for compiling this information.

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