Meet Us

David VanSandt
David VanSandtPresident
David has been riding on 2 wheels for as long as he can remember. Beginning with BMX and dirt bikes, and then on a 1991 spelunking trip to Devil's Den (that fell on the same weekend as the Mountain Bike Festival) he was introduced to mountain biking and it has been a major part of his life since. From sitting on countless boards and committees, advocating for trails, to managing projects and removing downed trees David lives out the OORC mission of Advocate, Build, Maintain and Preserve. David and his family live outside Siloam Springs.
Morgan House
Morgan HouseVice President
Morgan is from and lives in Fayetteville with her husband Evan, daughter Faye, and two dogs Annie and Amos. Mountain biking was a big part of her childhood that turned into a passion as an adult. When she's not pedaling her bike, she likes to hit the trails on her dirt bike with her husband and friends. She enjoys hiking all over the country but mostly she loves exploring the Ozarks in her own backyard. Her most memorable cycling adventure was on a trip to Norway where they took a train to the top of a mountain and cycled down, touring around different towns on the way. Most weekends she will either be riding at one of our amazing local trails (Likely Kessler) or working on her farm with her family.
Carmen Burden
Carmen BurdenTreasurer
Carmen has been mountain biking in Eureka Springs since 2014, but one of her first childhood memories was wrecking a Huffy trying to jump. Her bike skills have progressed and these days she slows down to identify plants, hang out with the animals, and play in the dirt. She believes the answer to all of life’s hard questions can be found while breaking a sweat in nature, which is why she loves working with the OORC, promoting active outdoor lifestyles. When Carmen isn’t on a two-wheeled adventure, is volunteering her time as an Arkansas Master Naturalist and a Eureka Springs Parks and Recreation Commissioner. She has been in NWA with her husband, Tyson, and two tween girls, Grace and Eva, for 17 years.
Crystal Denham
Crystal DenhamSecretary
Originally from Branson, Crystal lives in Fayetteville and has always loved spending time outside. She commutes to and from work by bike almost every day and enjoys riding the local trails. Crystal’s first off-road ride was a cold one last January at Hobbs and she was immediately hooked. Her love for adventure and being on a bike made it a quick favorite way to play. Paved or dirt, She rides every chance she gets.
Carter Branstetter
Carter BranstetterEvents Coordinator
Carter is a native of Arkansas and an avid outdoorsman. Having spent most of his life exploring the wondrous beauty of Arkansas High Country by way of hiking, waterfall hunting, camping, and floating rivers, the opportunity to relocate to Northwest Arkansas with his wife and 2 children after living out of state for 8 years was like a dream come true. It didn't take long for the mountain biking bug to take a big bite, and after learning just how much of the maintenance of trails is the work of volunteers from organizations like OORC, he saw a chance to throw his hand in and help in any way he could.
Kevin Cox
Kevin CoxRides Coordinator
Kevin currently lives in Fayetteville and has ridden all types of bikes in NWA since 1995.He has a passion for mountain biking and XTERRA events. He looks forward to leading many off-road group rides on all the trails that NWA has to offer.
Rob Reno
Rob RenoTrails Coordinator
Since he was but a wee lad, Rob has been cycling in some form or fashion. From tricycles to his first Raleigh BMX bike, when he took on the dreaded “steepest” feature in the New Mexico desert. He currently resides in Fayetteville with his wife and their triplet daughters after living most of his life in Phoenix and Chicago.Rob has ridden bikes in faraway places such as Castlerotto and Zanzibar, but considers Mt Kessler and NWA (OZ) his favorite places to ride. Most weekends you will find him, and the OORC volunteers, playing in the dirt somewhere. Also, rocks. Rob really likes rocks!